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about 1 day ago | @wp_wolf

|| Sounds || SNEAK PEAK FULL ALBUM LISTEN for NaS and DAMIAN MARLEY “Distant Relatives”

…I Could Have Posted A Download Link BUT…When It Drops…You All Need To Buy A Copy…Support Great Music…


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  • Lakerz2010 on

    yoooo!!! this shit is off the chain … where did you cop this so soon ! post a link!

    • DjAdvance on

      The cd comes out on Tuesday…But I got it from a friend out there lol…

  • Lakerz2010 on

    yo man can u send me just 3 songs off that album

    Tribal Wars


    In his own words

    man if you can that would be great..

  • DjAdvance on

    Send me your email.

  • tae27 on

    yo do you have the bonus track this sounds a classic

  • Lakerz2010 on

    yoooo…. ????

  • Jimmy on

    I was gonna ask the same thing all i want is the three same songs. Tribal Wars, In His Own Words and Leaders

  • Jimmy on

    I hate to do this but may i have one more… Africa Must Wake Up…. Please

  • Yo on

    Can u send me this in a .rar file please?

  • Stan Strophe on

    THANK YOU for NOT posting a download link. N!ggas need to PURCHASE THIS!

  • Ozzy on

    Yo can you send me those same 3 tracks man! This album is off the hook! Im waiting for my copy to get here!!!! dope shit!

  • Sy on

    yoooooo can u send me “Leaders, Tribal War, and “In his own words”. i would appreciate it !!!!!

  • onlinecasinotx on

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  • on

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