10. Bounce – Bounce is a music style considered to be a type of Rap that originated in New Orleans. It is recognized for its energetic style, use of whistling, and repetitive melodies with quick beats.

9. Synthpop – Synthpop is dominated by synthesizers as the main instrument used in these songs.

8. Big Room – Big Room is a sub-genre of Electro House music which typically includes a 4/4 hardtechno kick with long build-ups up to an electro-style drop, heavy bass kick drums, and minimal actual musical elements.

7. Electro Swing – Electro Swing, also called “Swing House” combines the sounds of vintage or modern-style Jazz with House, Hip-Hop, and/or EDM.

6.  Psytrance – Psytrance or “Psychedelic Trance” is a sub-genre of Trance music that has a distinct bass beat and specific energetic sound with rapid tempos. Layers are often added throughout these song until it reaches a climax, where it breaks down & starts again

5. Trap – Trap is a type of Rap music that is multi-layered with monophonic drones and often includes the use of synthesizers, snares, hi-hats, and sometimes brass, string, and woodwind instruments.

4. Tropical House – Tropical House is a more relaxed and uplifting sub-genre of Deep House music that includes notes of Dancehall and Balaeric House. Typical characteristics are the use of synthesizers and a 4/4 kick drum pattern.

3. Moombahton – Moombahton is a blend of House music and Reggaeton that generally includes dramatic build-ups, spread out bass lines, and sometimes rave music-esque synthesizers.

2. Future Bass – Future Bass typically has less intense drops than other Bass genres and includes characteristics such as exotic percussion sounds & pulsating synth chords.

1. Deep House – Deep House Music is a sort of “dark” sound identified by muted bass-lines, percussion instruments, soft keyboard sounds, and soulful vocals.

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