1. Choosing the Right DJ EquipmentOpinions may vary by DJ when it comes to choosing the right mixing console, however influence is usually guided by these key factors & essential elements: Affordability, Reliability, Required Features, User Interface, and Product Reputation & Support.

2. Learn Every Function of Your Equipment – Take the time to read your product manual, watch youtube tutorials, and practice to maximize creativity and what your equipment can do for you.

3. Master the Art of How to Beatmatch & Blend – Learning how to Beatmatch and Blend are 2 of the most important skills that a DJ can master.

4. Practice Good Habits – DJ equipment is expensive and it’s your lifeline, take care of it or I can guarantee that you’ll be sorry. Handle your laptop with care, wrap & store your wires properly, use bags and cases to protect the integrity of your DJ tools, and clean everything regularly. Even more important than your DJ equipment is your physical & mental health, it is imperative to take care of yourself

5. Know Your MusicMaster your favorite genre of music then explore many more to be well-rounded, especially if you want to be an Open Format DJ.

6. Record Your Mixes – Record your DJ sets often then use your mixes as learning & promotional tools.

7. Don’t Confine Yourself to Your Home – Live Stream, support & network with other DJs, and show off your talent to the world. Don’t get lost in the sauce, be creative during these uncertain times. Exposure is a key component to success in the entertainment industry.

9. Build Your Brand & Create Your Own OpportunitiesBuilding a great reputation and diversifying your brand are paramount when it comes to success. While building your brand, in addition to putting in the work, be sure that what you bring to the table is unique. Present your artistry in a manner that can’t be duplicated but inspires others to replicate it.

10. Invest in Yourself & Manage Your Money Wisely – Give to yourself first before you can give to others. Whether you’re investing financially or in hardware, marketing, career learning & developing,  investing in yourself is the best return on investment. As DJ’s we are independent contractors which means that nothing is guaranteed. No matter how much you can afford to put away from each gig, it’s very important to set yourself up. Create a checking, savings, & retirement account plus build a rainy day fund.

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