On Sunday, 8 DJs and 8 producers showed the world how they get down at the Fall 2021 Goldie Awards. In the Spring, DJ Lazyboy came out on top with an absolute game changing performances for the first online version A-trak’s premiere DJ competition. Tsurada took the crown as the music producer with the best chops that night.

Since the Goldies have entered the Metaverse and gone virtual, it’s opened up the door for a second season of the 2021 games. World Champion DJ Ease, 69Beats and 11-year old DJ Ricardo put on an incredible show and all advance to the Goldie DJ Finals this year Oddkidout, LYNY, and Datsunn showcased their musicality and all made it out of the semi-final round.

Craze, Mix Master Mike, Uniiqu3, Skratch Bastid and A-trak himself make up this legendary judging panel. The finals will be held on Fool’s Gold Twitch channel on November 21 at 7pm EST.

Who do you think will win the Fall Goldie Awards? Let us know in the comments.

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