Opinions may vary by DJ when it comes to choosing the right mixing console, however influence is usually guided by these key factors & essential elements.

  1. Affordability – We all have Champagne Wishes with Beer Budgets at times so you need to define your budget and work within those parameters to find out what will be best for you personally. You can always use what you got now to get what you want later.
  2. Reliability – Remember that technology can sometimes be temperamental and all machines are expected to endure a good amount of wear & tear with every use. Please be sure that your purchase can withstand the capacity of your workload and has the proper specifications to play nice with all components of your DJ hardware & software.
  3. Required Features – Do your research to make sure the console that peaks your interest has the sufficient Input/Outputs, Sound Quality, EQ, Effects, & Comfortability required to get the job done while keeping in mind your preferred weight & size.
  4. User Interface – It is best to choose a user friendly console with a clever user interface layout. This will help you master the system and maneuver common functions quickly with ease.
  5. Reputation & Product Support – Reputable Brands are often trusted by consumers because they offer an expected superior level of quality service & performance. They also usually provide support for their products, firmware & software updates often, resources for information on their products, forums for troubleshooting, compatibility with other well known brands, improvements in future product lines, authorized repair partners, as well as, dependable warranties, and discounts/freebies.

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