DJ Classix is a talented DJ, creative Chef, and a captivating teacher. Classix has a story that will inspire you to grow into the best version of yourself. Her black-owned business satisfies the sweet tooth of hundreds of people across the Americas. DJ Classix ships desserts across the continent with her business, From Mommas Kitchen which has organically intertwined with her DJ career over the course of the last year.

“All I do is bake and party!” says DJ Classix, who has been able to thrive during the COVID pandemic that has nearly shut down the events industry. Currently residing in Columbia Maryland, DJ Classix has experience in several fields, and these various skills have come together full circle.

We get a chance to talk about Classix’ career in education, learn about how baking called upon her and how her DJ career began. In this interview, DJ Classix refers to The Miracle Morning as a book that helped her establish an influx of positivity in her life. She graciously shares insight from the book and most recently completed a 21-Day Abundance Challenge with her Sugar Baby community on Twitch.

You can watch the exclusive interview below! Make sure to follow DJ Classix and join her on the next 21-day Abundance Challenge, it will change your life!

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