Speakers are one of the essential tools for any aspiring or veteran DJ. They are the vehicles by which your music goes from you to your audience, and therefore they need to be the best DJ speakers possible. You wouldn’t want to give a professional chef a low-quality knife to make his food. So, why would you pick a low-quality pair of speakers?

However, in the admittedly confusing world of DJ audio, it can be challenging to find a good set. Not to mention any of the many different opinions on what constitutes a good set of speakers. In this article, we hope to provide clarity on what to consider when buying a set of speakers and convey some solid recommendations for the 2021 musician.

What Constitutes the Best DJ Speakers?

Speakers to the modern DJ have the role of wheels on a car. Without them, you will not be able to drive the music to your audience effectively. However, finding a good set of speakers can be difficult with all the different recommendations from other sites. Nevertheless, as DJ Tech Reviews points out, there are many advantages to investing in a good pair of speakers, such as:

  • The speakers’ frequency range allows the audience to process each individual sound in the track better due to the increased versatility.
  • The wattage of a good pair of speakers will allow the audio to be louder and reach more people in larger venues.
  • The ability to produce very high- and low-frequency sounds allows for a more dynamic listening experience.

And finally, before we get into our picks for the best DJ speakers of 2021, we feel it is crucial that you review the selections to make sure it is right for you. Per DJ Tech Reviews, here are some things to consider before you buy a new set of speakers:

  • Are the bass and high frequencies ok? Frequently, in a lower quality pair of speakers, the bass can sound muddy, and the highs can sound harsh. Make sure this is not the case.
  • How big are the speakers? Size matters when talking about speaker drivers, and more sizable speakers often correlate with a more powerful sound signature.
  • What connections are available, and are they compatible with your setup? If you purchase the wrong pair of speakers, you could, unfortunately, end up with a situation where they are supposed to connect via XLR, and you were prepared for a pair of USB speakers. To avoid this, double-check the connectors available.
  •  Are the speakers passive or active? Professional speakers are mostly either passive or active. Active or powered speakers require no external amplifier, while passive speakers do. The advantage of active speakers is that they are often simpler to work and typically have a more straightforward setup. In comparison, passive speakers using an amplifier allow for further customization when it comes to audio quality and fidelity. While most of the speakers on this list are active, consider a passive set if you feel they are a better fit.

Best DJ Speakers of 2021 (in no particular order)

Best Overall: Yamaha DXR8MKII Powered DJ Speaker Cabinet

The Yamaha DXR8MKII powered DJ Speaker Cabinet is not only one of the more compact professional speakers out there, but it also offers a ton of power with a wattage of 1100 watts. The high outputs are, as DJ Tech Reviews says, “fantastic.” In addition, the unit’s compactness allows for easy transportation, perfect for the DJ on the go. 

Even with all these features, the most critical component of any speaker is the sound quality, and this speaker delivers in this category. There is profound audio clarity, a good balance of audio, and a general fantastic output makes this an excellent choice for enthusiasts and professionals alike. If we had to pick the best DJ speaker as of 2021(and we did), this would be it. If you want to pick it up, you can find it on the web for $649.

Runner Up: JBL EON 615

The JBL EON 615 is a control freak’s dream for sound quality with 5-way EQs, gains, Bluetooth capability and an included amp, all of which allow for increased control in audio quality. In addition, JBL is a reasonably reputable company in the audio industry. As DJ Equipment Reviews puts it, “The JBL EON615 is the best powered speaker the company has to offer.” This speaker boasts superb bass and audio quality with its 10-inch subwoofer and overall more prominent form factor and power draw. You can find this speaker for $525 online.

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Best for DJs with a Budget: PreSonus Eris E3.5 Studio Monitors (Pair)

If you are an aspiring DJ and there isn’t much budget to afford fancier speakers, you are in luck because the PreSonus Eris E3.5 Speakers offer incredible performance for only $99. These are arguably the best DJ speakers for the money right now. These speakers provide an impressive selection of I/O with support for XLR, Stereo AUX, and even your basic headphone jack. And, for another $40, these speakers will support Bluetooth, which would probably make them the best Bluetooth DJ speakers on the market as of right now. These would be perfect for a home studio, but these speakers may not have enough power delivery to make them suitable for a live gig.

Best for Portability: Behringer Eurolive B208D

Overall, the Behringer Eurolive B208D is one of the best deals in the professional speaker market we have seen in a long time. This speaker delivers solid performance with a 1.5-inch-high-frequency driver or “tweeter” and a 8-inch subwoofer to deliver a clearer high-frequency and a fuller low-frequency. And even with all this incredible sound performance, these speakers are some of the most portable that we have ever seen with their lightweight form factor. Some people even carry these around with one hand. DJ Equipment Reviews says about this speaker, “If you’re looking for a set of speakers that are easy to set up and clean up, consider these.” If the best portable DJ speakers available sound like a good option for you, they are available for $169 online.

Best Passive Speakers: JBL JRX215

This one was not much of a question. These JBL speakers are one of the premier unpowered speakers on the market. If you were to pair these with a good amplifier, as DJ Equipment Reviews says, “You would be able to support crowds of up to 250 people.” These overall are a superb buy for sheer performance with their 15-inch subwoofer and 2.5-inch diameter “edgewound ribbon voice coil” that provides incredible sound quality. But be aware that these are passive speakers meaning that they require an external amplifier to playback effectively. If this does not phase you, they are available for purchase at $325.

Best Luxury: Bose F1 Model 812 Flexible Array Loudspeaker

If money is merely an object to you, our suggestion would be to go with Bose’s F1 Model 812’s. These absolute luxury speakers are an investment at $999 apiece. The audio quality here is ludicrous with the inclusion of eight drivers covering the mid and high-frequency notes and a massive 12-inch custom performance subwoofer that produces high-performance bass. Pretty much nothing compares to these in sound quality. So, if you are a DJ with a large enough budget, we would consider these the best DJ speakers on the market. 

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