Stemverter 2 gives you the power to convert any song on your Mac to an instrumental or acapella version. You can also isolate the drums, bass, and melodies associated with any song that you have on your MAC.

The new iteration of Stemverter allows for batch conversion as well as the option to decide if you would like your files to convert to WAV or MP3 during the process.

The output is the highest quality “DIY” acappella and instrumental version I’ve come across. Virtual DJ has a similar functionality, however you must then record the stems after creating them to save them. Stemverter 2 give you the files at the click of a button allowing you to use them production or DJ projects.

DJs and producers have been pushing the boundaries when it comes to music creation and Stemverter 2 drops a perfect assist. Take acapellas from your favorite songs and chop them up in Serato Studio for endless possibilities

Stemverter 2 is available starting May 7th for $69.00 and you can receive 25% off using the promo code “LAUNCH” when you purchase your order here. Existing Stemverter users receive a complimentary upgrade.

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