Please Take The Coronavirus Serious! There are many strains of Covid-19 and as DJ Mell Starr says “I Wouldn’t Wish This Virus Upon My Worst Enemy”. DJ Mell Starr & other coronavirus survivors in the DJ community described their experience battling Covid-19 during a Live Zoom Meeting with the International DJ Cafe Network last week. The purpose of the meeting was to raise awareness & educate our fellow DJs about the dangers of this deadly disease. COVID-19 is caused by the coronavirus and it affects everyone in different ways. Symptoms may appear within 2-14 days after exposure to the virus and infected people can experience a wide range of symptoms from mild to severe illness.

During the grueling fight with Covid-19, many of our DJ peers who contracted the virus had to endure more than 2 weeks of constant headaches, chills, cold sweats, fevers up to 108, no appetite, dry mouth, no taste buds, numbness, excessive mucus & coughing, tremendous breathing restrictions, isolation, extreme fatigue, the feeling of all your nerves on the outside of your body, and just when you think you feel better it hits you again like a ton of bricks. Trust Me, this is definitely not the kind of party that any of us want to attend! As advised, please stay home as much as possible and protect yourself & others while in public.

Please be sure to always consult with a physician for medical advice, follow the recommended Covid-19 CDC Guidelines, and use the helpful tips below for DJs to stay safe during this deadly pandemic.

  • Take Advantage of Free Coronavirus Testing! (Visit or to Schedule your Free Appointment Today)
  • Check your Temperature Daily, Stay Away from Sick People, and Stay Home if You are Sick
  • Wear a Mask At All Times in Public and Practice Social Distancing, Even Around Family & Friends. (N95 Masks are Best but 3-Layer Surgical Masks are ok. Be Sure Not to Reuse Disposable Masks Too Much as it Compromises Protection)
  • Always Keep Extra Masks, Hand Sanitizer, and Disinfectant Wipes & Spray Handy at All Times. (Especially in your Car & DJ Bag)
  • Wash Your Hands Often and Avoid Touching Your Face
  • Disinfect Your DJ Bag/Equipment and Frequently Touched Surfaces in Your Home & Car Several Times a Day
  • Do Not Use Others DJ Equipment or Let Anyone Use Yours Unless it has been Properly Sanitized Before & After Every Use.
  • Avoid Hugs, Handshakes, Fist Bumps, High Fives, & Physical Contact with People that Aren’t Part of Your QuaranTeam
  • Add Covid Clauses to Your DJ Contract to Protect You and Guests. (Face Coverings Required – No Masks = No Music, Guests may not approach the DJ area for any reason at any time, Partygoers Must Practice Social Distancing, etc)
  • Stay Ready with a Backup Plan and Be Prepared to Pay Your Bills Even if You Aren’t Working. (Multiple Hustles, Save Money, Invest your Money, etc)
  • Wash Your Clothes and Cloth Masks, as well as, Clean Shoes Often
  • Safely Use, Remove, & Dispose of Masks and Gloves Properly
  • Find Healthy Ways to Protect & Strengthen Your Immune System
  • While Performing at an Event, Don’t Be Afraid to Remind Guests to Practice Safe Covid-19 Prevention Habits (Wear Masks, Social Distance, Use Hand Sanitizer, Wash Hands, Etc)
  • When You Arrive Home Disinfect your Car, Equipment, Anything You Bring In from Outside, and High Traffic Areas in your Home to Avoid Spreading Germs. Also Shower & Change Clothes Immediately if Possible.

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