Water – It’s very important to stay hydrated, try to remember to put a few bottles of water in the freezer and bring them to your event. Wrap the water bottles in a clean rag, then by the time you’re done unloading & setting up the water should be thawed and ice cold. You’ll also have a cool rag to wipe your sweat.

Insect Repellant Spray and/or Bracelets – Don’t be a 4-6 hour bug buffet, remember to bring some kind of insect repellent. There are sprays, bracelets, candles, etc

Pop-Up Canopy Tent – Rain or Shine, shelter yourself and equipment. Those beautiful rays of sunshine & incliment weather can take a toll on you and your DJ equipment. Do yourself a favor, spend the money to get the easy pop up canopy. Save yourself the time & headache by not going the cheap route.

Portable Battery Operated or USB FanNothing beats the heat like an air conditioner, however a portable fan always gives you a little breeze of relief. I recommend battery operated over usb.

Change of Clothes – Don’t be a sweaty dirty mess all gig. Load-in business casual and rock out jiggy fly formal. Don’t forget to bring deodorant, baby wipes, & smell goods too.

Laptop Cooling Pad – Laptops, especially MacBooks can overheat easily resulting in performance issues. Laptop cooling pads help keep your laptop cool on hot days.

Anti- Fatigue Mat – This is an essential item for every DJs checklist no mater the gig or season. Anti-Fatigue mats help combat against aching feet and pressure in your lower back from standing for long periods of time.

Backup Equipment – Weather conditions such as exposure to heat for long periods of time can cause malfunctions in equipment like laptops & controllers, even speakers sometimes. Always bring backup, better safe than sorry.

Cart/Hand Truck/Dolly – Depending on the venue, there may be a little bit of a journey to get to your set up location. Don’t Stop Believin, just get the Rock-N-Roller Multi Cart is perfect for DJs who lug around a lot of equipment.

Generator and/or Extra Extension Cords – Outdoor events can sometimes create a challenge when it comes to power supply. Providing your own generator for rent can add some extra cash in your account. Also, be prepared to run at least 50ft of extension cords depending on the distance between power & setup location. Instead of graft tape, you can use floor cable covers or gardening/landscaping staples to prevent tripping hazards.

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