This morning the world was in for a special treat. Everyone’s favorite DJ, Jazzy Jeff blessed music fans with a special live stream demonstrating the brand new Rane Twelves MKII and Rane Seventy-Two MKII DJ mixer. It was no secret that Jazzy Jeff had been testing out the latest iteration of the Rane Twelves, but the announcement of an upgrade to the already diesel Rane Seventy-Two was a pleasant suprise.

Rane recently released the Rane Seventy, as an alternative battle mixer to the Rane Seventy-Two. The Seventy is most certainly the one up to the Pioneer S9, so to see another mixer drop seems like Rane is attempting to solidify it’s position on the top of the hill.

The Rane Seventy-Two MKII will be fitted with the incredibly light and smooth Mag Four faders as well as compatibility with Virtual DJ and Traktor. You will also be able to set instant doubles, silent cues and more directly from the mixer. Owners of the existing Rane Seventy-Two will receive firmware updates and can purchase the Mag Four faders to upgrade their mixer.

The Rane Twelve MKII will also be compatible with Virtual DJ and Traktor and sports a new crisp OLED display for controlling various parameters. There is also a new navigation control that allows you to navigate your library, load tracks, and set instant doubles.

We will provide some more updates about the functionality of these new Rane toys soon! In the meantime, you can check out the Rane release party hosted by DJ Jazzy Jeff, below!

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