iRigs have been sold out/on back order since March when lockdowns around the world started to go into effect. Why the sudden demand in such a product? Most DJs and musicians have taken to broadcasting their performance sets live while everyone is stuck in the house. Not every DJ and musician has professional broadcasting equipment but nearly everyone has a phone or tablet with a high quality camera.

iRig essentially acts as the audio bridge from your DJ equipment to your mobile device. It seems like a fairly simple task that the iRig is completing and it’s truly only the best solution for broadcasting on Instagram Live; we recommend using a broadcasting app such as OBS to handle all video and audio routing when live streaming on Facebook, Twitch, Youtube, or any other OBS supported social platform.

With this easy to use Audio Technica lavaliere microphone cable ($35 USD), you can achieve the same high quality audio directly into your phone from your DJ mixer for less than half the price. Our friend DJ Color TV shows us an easy and inexpensive alternative to the overpriced and hard to find iRig. Check out the video below to learn more!

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