Anything can happen, as we’ve all seen in 2020. Don’t lose your precious vinyl collection to unforeseen circumstances. It is now easier than ever to transfer that superior vinyl sound to digital format without losing the sound quality that we know & love. Whether you plan to share your gems, rip some sweet samples, or back up your vinyl assortment, here are some helpful conversion tips.

How to Convert Your Vinyl Collection to Digital Format

  1. Prepare to convert by cleaning your records thoroughly.
  2. Purchase a Vinyl-to-MP3 Turntable or you can use a pre-amp.
  3. Link the proper recording devices. (If you are using a “USB Turntable, just connect the two. If you are using “Line Output Turntables”, connect the audio interface to the computer and the turntable.  If you are using “Phono Output Turntable”, connect the turntable using a Stereo Receiver (input Phono, output Tape) or a Phono Preamp.)
  4. Download and Open a compatible audio-recording software like Audacity.
  5. Start recording by playing the vinyl. (remember to replace your turntable stylus for better playback quality if it’s been a while )
  6. Use the recording software & your DJ Super Powers to separate the tracks.
  7. Export your individual tracks using a lossless audio file format such as FLAC, ALAC, WAV, or AIF.

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