Copyright laws have most recently only been a hurdle for content creators and DJs. Smart algorithms scan social media to prevent the usage of some of our favorite songs. These algorithms are by no means perfect, however they do a diligent job at flagging and removing copyrighted music. Even music that is in the background can be picked up by these algorithms and unfortunately, the police have gotten wise to this.

Essentially everyone has possession of a high quality video camera in their pockets which has put police misconduct in the forefront of national and international news. Police have discovered that they can use these copyright sniffing algorithms to flag videos posted by spectators. Cops have been found on many occasions to play popular music on their cell phones during their interactions with civilians.

People quickly caught on to the mystery of why police would play Taylor Swift during a routine stop. In the event something does happen that would incriminate the officer, the video would be flagged on social media for copyrighted content. It’s pretty sad that copyright laws that were created to protect artists are now being used to protect crooked police.

The video below goes into detail on how cops are using copyright as a weapon to suppress video uploads.

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