HUMBLE BEAST (@gherbo @earnestopinion)

Chicago Rapper G Herbo has recently dropped his long awaited debut album “Humble Beast”. Me personally i have always been a fan of his music and raw rapping style. Although young I feel Herb is one of the best young artist out there when making songs about real life situations. He has a great way of making you feel the pain of kids growing up in the sinner city that I feel touches a lot of people all over and not just in Chicago. One song I would like to highlight is the song Red Snow. The video to this song I think everyone can relate to especially those who are Black. I feel in the video he’s trying to point out how insensitive our youth in to violence and go about things without a conscience not caring about the immediate consequences of our actions while being at war with ourselves meaning people of our own pigment. Herbo walks the and in the mist of violence he’s cold and insensitive to whats going on in his surrounds. I feel he’s pointing out how sad it is that the violence is on a everyday bases and that we need to wake up and do better for our people and ourselves. In his music you can see the growth on each project and see a kid thats happy to have somewhat made it out into a better position. NLMB stands for Never Leave My Brothers. Its bigger than a gang. Its a family and you feel the emergence to get his family into a better place. Keep fighting my dude.


-Earnest Opinion

By Earnest Frazier