Jetpack has been a popular brand for carrying bags, providing a line of backpacks that cater to DJs. They have a versatile range of bags that includes a fashionable slim version that is perfect for your laptop, all the way up to their Prime models which can carry a full sized battle mixer or medium sized controller with plenty of room leftover. In addition to a practical bag, Jetpacks gives users the option to easily customize their bags with their personal logos.

Their latest Drop, combines the two aforementioned styles and gives the user the most flexibility when they need it the most, on the go. You will find the familiar and stylish slim version of the Jetpack in addition to the new Drop roller bag which is roughly the size of a carry-on bag at the airport.

The Drop System gives you a large enough compartment to hold a Rane 72 or Pioneer DJM S-11, headphones, cables and your Slim Jetpack bag. The Drop System is designed to increase and decrease to the size you need to store your equipment.

This will be a great tool to stay organized and protect your gear when you travel. The Jetpack Drop System was made for DJs, but is useful to pretty much anyone seeking high quality and practical luggage. The Drop System is available now on sale at $299 or you can purchase just the roller bag for $250. Cleveland Terry gets up close and personal with the new Jetpack Drop System below. What do you think of the Drop System? Let us know in the comments!

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