NAMM is one of the worlds largest meetings amongst music professionals and for the second year it will be held virtually as Believe in Music 2022. The pandemic has cancelled, postponed or greatly hindered attendance at many major conferences and festivals. Some events have taken the L, while others have pivoted and found innovative ways to connect with their audience.

Last year NAMM shifted from an in person event that hosts thousands of patrons to a virtual event that could be accessed by anyone in the world that has an internet connection. There were certainly some kinks to work out (some organization and user interface enhancements) however the overall experience was jam packed with information, demos and even giveaways and prizes.

This year NAMM has a two day virtual festival that is well organized while being stacked with guest speakers and thought provoking sessions. You can check out the schedule for Believe in Music here. Registration is free and you can tune in from any device that has a web browser.

The networking opportunities alone are priceless and its incredible that NAMM was able to put this virtual event together without any cost to the patrons. Will you join Believe in Music 2022?

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