Photo: DJLazyBoy

DJ LazyBoy is the current Redbull Threestyle US Champion AND Goldie Awards winner. Not only is he a fighter on the turntables, he is a stage 4 cancer survivor. The Bay Area native takes on challenges in a methodical way, so precise that he has to come out on top. His warm energy resonates in any room and you can tell his mind is constantly creating and connecting dots.

Photo: DJ LazyBoy

LazyBoy has many talents outside of being a world champion DJ. He’s been shredding asphalt for years skateboarding and more recently has found his eyes behind the lens of many cameras. Unfortunately, the former sent him to the hospital with a broken hip, possible torn tendon, and fractured elbow.

” As if that wasn’t enough the motor to my car broke, and the pandemic tossed me $10k into debt” – DJ LazyBoy. The Champ is in need of help. It can be difficult to ask for help when you are the one others look up to, but there are situations that are out of our hands in which having someone lend you theirs goes a long way. Here’s how you can help!

Organized by Donavon Cabeza (Founder of Motown on Mondays), a GoFundMe is available to donate any amount in the name of helping DJ LazyBoy bounce back. The goal is $25K, we already over 1/5th of the way!

Lessons From LazyBoy: Book a virtual lesson with the champ. Not only will you help him but you will learn invaluable lessons that you keep forever.

Party with LazyBoy (Bay Area, CA): Let The Champ do what he does best, with another one of the best, J. Espinosa on July 9th at The Midway in San Francisco. The funds from this event will go to help support the Hometown Hero, DJ LazyBoy on his path to recovery. If you are in the Bay, you don’t want to miss this incredible display of musicality and turntablism.

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