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On Friday, Major Lazer released their latest single, “Oh My Gawd” featuring the Nigerian Afrobeats star, Mr Eazi and internationally acclaimed Nicki Minaj. I had a chance to chat with Major Lazer about their latest infusion of afrobeats, dancehall and moombahton sounds which you can listen to and download here.

If “Oh My Gawd” sounds familiar, it may be because of the similar “Like Glue” (real name “Buy Out”) riddim that comes in during the first section of the track. You will also hear the popular Moombahton bounce keeping the cadence while the melodies switch up, giving you a track that’s always moving.

Having spent a lot of time in places such as Naorobi, Major Lazer is no stranger to African artists. They also aren’t afraid to cross genre barriers by adding the electronic sound to everything from mainstream Pop and Country to Hip Hop and Dancehall. “Oh My Gawd” combines all genres that get people moving and is bound to be a hit.

Although most of the world won’t be partying at clubs for sometime, listeners still seek high energy vibrations in many other settings. Walshy Fire of Major Lazer told us that while high energy music will always sit high on the Pop podium, a niche for chill music is growing. A lot of people are stuck in the house and need music to just vibe to and that is something that will only grow in time. Diplo of Major Lazer recently released a solo project with ambient free flowing music to meditate to. It was his first full project in that genre.

Ape Drums told us that music from indie artists he finds on Soundcloud is what reminds him of his beginnings and keeps him inspired to create new sounds. For you independent artists and music producers out there, keep creating! You never know who is listening or who you may inspire.

Check out the music video below and let us know what you think of the latest from Major Lazer.

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