Outdoor gigs can come with several challenges for many reasons, but one of the most common problems I’ve encountered is not being able to see my screen on sunny days. Although sun glare can be a nuisance, there is a simple solution for this issue. You can simply invert the colors on your computer screen. Inverting your screen colors essentially reverses the screen colors from dark to light making things easier to view. This feature works best for black & white interfaces, backgrounds, and text, however it can also work for low contrast color images too.

Invert Screen Colors for Mac:

Open System Preferences> Select Accessibility> Select Display> Check Invert Colors. (for older macs you can press & hold down Control/Alt/Command/8 all at the same)


Invert Screen Colors in Windows 10:

Press the Windows Key or Click the Windows Icon> Type “Magnifier”> Open the search result> Scroll down And Select “Invert Colors”. (You can also Press Windows Key + Esc key to open the Magnifier tool and then Press Ctrl + Alt + I)

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