The best way to begin preparing a DJ Quote is by asking the right questions. It’s imperative to find out all of the event details including occasion, date, time, location, layout & load-in info for the venue, what services & equipment are needed by the client, and budget. Asking for detailed information will not only help you during your event, but also with scheduling and including extra fees for things like travel pay, parking fees, tolls, hazardous load-in zones, purchase of music, excessive hours on site, setup/breakdown, and additional equipment you may need to provide. Always be as detailed as possible in your quotes, when selling your brand & services most people want to know exactly what they’re paying for before cutting a check. In addition, you don’t want to forget to up-sell and offer other services such as lighting, photo booth, photographer/videographers, giveaways, party motivators, live musicians, etc. Even if you don’t provide these services personally, you can refer someone or contract the services out to reliable vendors you’ve worked with in the past and collect a fee.  Another very important thing to consider is if the venue requires the DJ to have liability insurance and if the venue needs to be named on the Certificate of Insurance. (Even if the client says no, trust me, be sure to confirm with the venue yourself) Liability Insurance is definitely something that you can include in your quote as well. The market is saturated with DJs and information is everything, always show clients the value of hiring you over anyone else.

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