First came the rumors, then came the leaks of what could possibly be the first Rane controller. Next came the official drop which featured DJ routines from DMC champion Dwells and a score of other celebrity DJ appearances.

Rane primarily stuck to 2-channel battle mixer’s as their forte and have an impressive line from the staple 57 to the all new Seventy-Two MKII. Recently, Rane joined the turntable game with the motorized 12” Twelves which has had a mainly positive feedback after working out a few early mechanical kinks.

Photo: Rane

The next step here was to combine the tech of the Twelves with their new favorite 2-Channel battle mixer layout, the SEVENTY. Combine them and you have the Rane One. Most comparable to the Numark NS7II; the Rane One features two 7.2” motorized platters that give you two torque modes. This 2-channel mixer comes with a slew of functionality including 2 dual TRS/XLR microphone inputs, 2 USB inputs, an aux in, 16 akai professional performance pads, FX pedals. It also comes equipped with MAG FOUR faders which are hands down the best faders available.

One thing to note is that Rane, Numark and Akai are all owned by InMusic.

Photo: Rane

There has been a lot of chatter about the the Rane One having only 2-channels and here is why it doesn’t matter. Most DJs that use a 4-channel mixer, use the additional channel(s) to for a mic or an aux. The Rane One has two mic inputs with two separately dedicated EQ bands. This controller also comes with 2 USB ports for seamless switching between DJs as well as an extra Aux In so in essence, the “missing” faders are now a series of nobs.

Photo: Rane

The Rane One will run you $1500 and you can expect to receive more than enough bang for your buck. If you absolutely must have a 4-channel controller, then wait. It will only be a matter of time before Rane accommodates to the demand for a larger controller with 12” or 10” motorized platters. We already know Rane can make the 12” platters, although this would be probably be a massive controller.

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