“My  journey into the world of DJing began when I asked a simple question, ‘Can chicks be DJs too?’ The answer was YES and the learning began.” – DJ Kristin

DJ Kristin Wilson – CEO of Our DJ Rocks and Photobooth Rocks

The world of DJing is now more than ever saturated with multi-talented DJs and it takes a lot to make yourself stand out among the vast sea of music mixologists.  DJs define themselves and their brand in various ways, including but not limited to their sick turntablism, mad beatmatching skills, solid music programming or ability to do mindblowing quick mixing.  Regardless of what they do, you are left with an impression based on the experience you have when you see them perform.  And then there are talented DJs whose personality outshines everyone in the room and you are overcome with an urge that you just have to meet them, which leaves a long-lasting impression because we never forget how someone makes us feel.  DJ Kristin radiates THAT personality…you just have to know her!

Apart from having a personality that I would describe as “sparkly pink with a touch of white claw,” Kristin Wilson has a long list of titles.  Based in Orlando Florida, Wilson is the Founder/CEO Our DJ Rocks, one of the only all-female DJ multi-ops in the US, the Founder of a photo booth rental company, Photobooth Rocks, a Wedding Pro Educator with the Knot and Wedding Wire brands, sits on the Deans Board of Directors for the Rosen School of Hospitality at the University of Central Florida, a wife, a mom, and proud owner of a boujee RV! …Whew!…deep breath.

Raised in a small town outside of Orlando called Apopka, Wilson admits she didn’t have a dream career growing up, but knew she didn’t fit the mold of a traditional career.  Fast forward to her freshman year in college she was working as a restaurant server and curiosity struck.  “One of the bartenders I looked up to came into work after her internship wearing the cutest clothes. I asked her where she came from and she said I have an internship at an Advertising Agency. I asked her lots of questions about what an ad agency does and this clicked. Then I had flashbacks as a kid — I used to sing the TV commercials around the house allll the time and tell my mom I wanted to be a TV commercial singer! Maybe that was my way of thinking back then I had a thing for advertising and creative marketing,” recollects Wilson.

DJ Kristin has been DJing weddings and private events since 2005.  “I was in college – paying for everything on my own. One of my friends moved down from New York and was looking for a ‘DJ Company’ to work for. I thought to myself – what do you mean… there are DJ companies? He started in his training class and I would just go with him and sit in the back while I did my homework. At one point during the training, I thought “I could do that”. So I asked the owner if “chicks could do this too.” He said… someone like you? Of course! And then he started training me,” says Wilson.  She recalls her experience at the first wedding she went with him, “as soon as the lights dimmed and his voice came over the microphone to introduce the couple for the very first time as husband and wife – and 300+ people were on their feet celebrating, I fell IN LOVE!”

DJ Kristin DJed her way through college and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Public Relations with a double minor in Marketing and Education from the University of Central Florida.  When she launched Our DJ Rocks in 2010, she was able to fuse her knowledge of hospitality in the events world with her love of DJing along with a Degree in Advertising/Marketing/PR. “The goal was to bring my energy and passion for music to every event including weddings, corporate events, and parties of all types,” says Wilson.

Four years later Wilson started expanding her team and has more than quadrupled the DJ roster to 12 DJs, in less than 5 years.   Between both successful businesses with a rock-solid foundation, she leads a team of more than 35 employees who market, sell, and produce 800-900 events annually.  Her rock-solid foundation has been established by using a combination of creative marketing/branding and building a company culture that people want to connect with.  On top of that, she has laser-focused sales management and leadership, as well as, meticulously trains every DJ in the Our DJ Rocks “DJ University” Training program to ensure every DJ represents the company’s core values in unison.  

One of the most challenging moments she has faced in the last 5 years was in 2011, the year she decided to make the jump and go full time with Our DJ Rocks. “I left my corporate salaried position with health, dental, short term and long term disability insurance, life insurance, and a 401k. I did not have a savings account at that time. I was still DJing on the weekends and had my own gear, but I did not have insurance on it. One day my fiance at the time (now husband) was coming back from the grocery store and saw that our trailer door (that held my DJ equipment, lighting, and a photo booth) lock was snapped open. I jumped out of the car to look inside and everything was stolen! My entire music library, all of my equipment… I had to figure out real quick what equipment I was going to buy next and how to rebuild my library, but this time digitally. I did not have a tribe or DJ community like I do now, so I was all on my own. Full disclosure- my husband is NOT a DJ nor does he know anything about DJ equipment, music or microphones. There was about 2 weeks straight that I was trying to troubleshoot equipment to figure out how to DJ virtually and get things to run… there were a lot of tears shed and a lot of lessons learned through that,” shares Wilson.

Over the course of her short yet prominent DJ career,  Kristin shares how she has been influenced by the diversity of people she has encountered.  “Some whose creativity is on a planet I didn’t even know existed. Some whose drive and curiosity for more goes deeper than the ocean. Some as simple and as impactful as leading with their heart first, which is a hard trait to come by. All of it comes down to their core and what they value.  Some of the most successful DJs I know have a high level of integrity and passion. They embrace and nurture their relationships. They never burn bridges, but rather create partnerships to help build them. They are always learning and growing.”

Besides being a MEGA analytical, innovative, ultra-creative Boss Babe of 2 companies, Kristin is working on her Love Lead Excel initiative that she has been dreaming up for about 5 years. “Love Lead Excel is a mantra to live by. It means to love what you do, lead by example and excel forward. My vision is to spread this belief through social media outlets with inspiration. The launch of a podcast will talk about all the things about building and running a successful all-female DJ multi-op, managing the juggle between being a boss and living out the mission of #LoveLeadExcel,” states Wilson.  And when she isn’t doing any of the above and wants to disconnect, you can find her and her husband on outdoor adventures with their RV or ATV’ing in the mud.

If Kristin Wilson were bottled up and someone asked what label to put on it, I would say it first would have to be a pink sparkly boujee bottle and the label would say POWERHOUSE.  By definition, powerhouse is “a person or thing of great energy, strength, or power.” And that is exactly who Kristin Wilson is.

Behind the Decks Q & A

Q: On event day or before a set – do you have any pre-event rituals that you feel set you up mentally or physically to be ready to go? 

A: I sure do! The morning of my events, I make sure that I wake up without an alarm. And for the first 2 hours, I sip on coffee, research new music and run through my event or wedding timeline. I back up all my songs and equipment. I do not take appointments, run errands to make plans the morning of my weddings or events so that my mind and head can stay clear and focused for the night. 

Q: What is 1 thing you love the most about DJing?

A: I LOOOOOVE creating the reactions in the room with music! That spark is what creates memories. And moments is what life is about. What that quote? Poeple will forever what you said, they will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you MADE THEM FEEL <3

Q: What do you do at the end of the night after DJing a set?  

A:  When I get in my Cadi, I take out a few bobbi pins. I drive with the windows down, wind blowing through my hair, and my “Vibes – Free Spirit” playlist on spotify. 

Q: Using only one word, how would your colleagues and clients describe you?    

A: Infectious

Q: What song immediately enters your mind when you want to see hands up in the air, bodies shaking/bouncing, and people going absolutely nuts!?!!?

A:  OMG – not a fair question! Totally depends on the crowd! If i have to answer without knowing where I’m playing and the demographics of my audience, Imma go, Dont Stop Believing. 

Q: What artist/song do you feel has made an impact in your sets in the last decade?

A: I’m not sure I have a particular music artist who has made an impact on my sets, but I would say that a DJ artist that has the most impact is Digital Dave. 

Q: What do you do in your free time when you aren’t DJing?  

A: I looooove to go RVing i my bougee RV or mudding in the ATV! For those of you who have not experienced mudding yet, shoot me a DM @meetkristin and I’ll send you a video! 

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