What else does Rick Ross have to do to be considered one of the greats? Rick Ross is the most soulful rapper of all time. He consistently delivers hit after hit and gathers your emotion. Lets take a look at history from albums like “Port of Miami” that went platinum with hit platinum singles “Hustlin” and “The Boss.” Followed by certified gold album “Trilla” with hit gold single “Here I am.” Followed up by his most slept on album “Deeper Than Rap” where he took the beef with 50 Cent head on letting the world know MMG is not to be stepped over. Ross put a end to all talk while standing tall as the true BOSS he proclaims to be. From there he delivered us another gold album “Teflon Don” that was nothing less than amazing when looking at it in hindsight, with the hit gold single “Ashton Martin Music” and the juggernaut radio/club banger “B.M.F” amongst other classics like “Free Mason”, “Tears of Joy”, “Live Fast Die Young”, and the dope intro “I’m Not Star.” At this point Rick Ross was at the height of his career as the “Biggest Boss” in the game pushing MMG to new heights and business ventures. You can never go wrong with popping in a Rick Ross album and just ride enjoying the musical artistry he paints with words. Since “Teflon Don” Rick Ross delivered three more solid albums “Mastermind”, Hood Billionaire”, and “Black Market” and now we are awaiting his 9th album “Better You Than Me.” to make it to your 9th album in this game is huge. Come on Hip-Hop world…. WAKE UP! and give Rozay his credit……UGH!