It’s been 2 years since the popular Shure M 44-7 halted it’s production, exiting the DJ needle market. There have been several “replacements” such as Jico‘s N 44-7, but nothing has really caught the eye of the vinyl enthusiast DJ since the death of the Shure cartridge.

Until this week when Ortofon announced they will be releasing a “new Catridge for scratching, portablism, & DVS. [It will be] sold with three stylus options (flexible, rigid, and firm) to match your style or preferences.”

It is listed at €99 which appears to include the three different stylus types mentioned above. This would seem like a great deal because even if the other styli aren’t your style, they will at least serve as a backup when your needle inevitably calls it quits. Ortofon seems to be coming correct with their latest DJ needle.

There is certainly an empty void available for a company such as Ortofon to grab the DJ cartridge/stylus market. Although many performance venues around the world are closed, DJs have taken to live streams and radio to push their sounds. I think more DJs will be dusting off their turntables since they’ll primarily be performing from home.

We will update you on the features and price points of the new Ortofon Cartridge as soon as that information becomes available. In the meantime, check out the beautiful teaser Ortofon provided for us below.

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