Photo:DJ Q-bert/Twitter

True Skool Entertainment’s Erick Arnold sat down with the legendary DJ Q-Bert to address his comments on twitter that sparked outrage amongst the DJ and black community. Below you can find his response to who he later refers to as a “troll”.

Q-bert says that he didn’t know there was an “All Lives Matter movement, or that it was a counter movement to BLM”. In the interview Q-bert continues to push the narrative of “love for everyone.” Q-bert’s overall goal is to make the world a better place, but he misses the point and discredits black culture repeatedly in this interview.

Erick tried to throw him some alley-ops and Q-bert continued to miss the basket. “I heard your production company ThudRumble has done some social justice work that’s been on the low…can you speak on some of what you all have done?” He seems completely unaware and defaults to “Karma”. When he has a chance to speak up and stand with the black community, he says “I put out free music because I think that’s how it should be, karma will bring that back to you”

Erick tried again with “You’ve brought out all of these legends like Mix Master Ice and Jazzy Jeff and a bunch of other DJs, some at the time weren’t getting a lot of shine…can you speak on why it was important to do that and reach back out to the DJs that inspire you?” Q-bert starts off as “It wasn’t a black thing…”

He does mention that black people are the first to walk this earth, then he quickly compares the situation to aliens on planet Neptune and dives into some conspiracy theories about WW3. For someone trying to prove that they do indeed care about black lives, Q-bert missed the target repeatedly. By no means does he come off as a racist, but by no means does he come off as an ally to the black community. Check out the full interview below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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