DJs have monopolized the online world with live streaming and virtual events since COVID hit and wiped out the live event industry for what seems like ages ago and sadly doesn’t appear to have a promising strong come back anytime soon.

Another cool option for DJs that is making waves on the web is the Live Online DJ Battles! When the pandemic hit, Founder & CEO William Petz, known as “Will”, of Quiet Events used his innovative nature to create an online version called, based on his current company platform known for their “Silent Disco” parties. There are 3 DJs battling it out online with customizable features such as interactive social chat, backdrop options, social media promotion and ability to receive tips! It not only benefits DJs, but also party-goers and people who are in need of an outlet of entertainment while staying home. The company has been doing so well since the launch, working with mega companies like Spotify for their employees and West Point cadets for their graduation, on top of a handful of other private gigs. 

I chatted with Will to find out more about it.

DJ Dayna: When did you come up with an idea to start the virtual live battles and figured out it was possible to do creating your own platform via website?

Will: Once we started laying people off in March due to COVID, I knew our DJs would get hit the hardest so I tried to figure out a way for them to stream and get tips and keep our audience entertained as close as we could with our Silent Disco parties.  I have a tech background and know that everything is possible that you can dream, it’s finding the right people to make it happen is the hard part.  Luckily Tim a friend donated his time to build this so our DJs could have a platform to have fun and make a few extra dollars.

DJ Dayna: So how does the online live battle work?

Will: Three DJs, each assigned to a color: red, blue, green.  They have full range to create a streaming stage with graphics, logos, and different scenes. Virtual DJ’ing is a new form of DJ’ing, because you need to do everything you can to keep people’s attention and that’s playing great music, transitions, visuals, and crowd engagement.  When the audience joins they can tap between the colored stages to watch and listen to that DJ.  While they are watching they can see the percentage of people watching each DJ to know if they are watching the popular DJ or not.  As people switch between rooms colored icons appear to show people that others are switching.  The audience interacts by smashing the like button increasing the count; this is how the DJ wins.  They can catch to the audience and directly with the DJs to ask for shoutouts or request songs.  If you love a DJ, you can follow them by clicking on their social icon or if you love them, you can give them a tip directly from the tool.  At the end, each DJs stats appear and one winner comes out on top. There are two awards.  The DJ with the most likes wins “Most Favorite” and one that most people watched wins “Most Watched”.

DJ Dayna: What streaming platform do you use?

Will: We currently use Twitch due to its ease of use and flexibility.  We had a call with Mixcloud, to check out their new streaming service; but it doesn’t allow you to stream outside of their site.  However, we are growing and are moving to another paid streaming platform that gives us a private stream that is no longer open to the public called Uber Battle.

DJ Dayna: How many are you doing weekly and have produced total since the start?

Will: We have created over 50 battles. It’s a lot of work for our DJs and we use to use them three times a week, but now we do them twice a month as our physical venues are starting to open up in different cities. We are working on building a DJ Tournament in which 27 DJs battle it out weekly until there’s only one.   We’d like to compete with Redbull’s DJ battle.

DJ Dayna: Tell us a little bit more about the pricing plans.

Will: Our public shows have been all free and hope people Tip the DJs for their hard work. To rent the platform it’s based on the number of participants.  Pricing starts at $50 for up to 200 people to join and goes up from there.

Q: What do you need to grow?

A: Since the platform for our DJs has always been free to watch, we are looking for sponsors who can help with funds with getting some great awards for our DJs who participate and win our DJ tournament.

Check out more info on the battle schedule, sponsorship, and how you can get involved at  

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