Please be sure to always consult with a physician for medical advice, follow the recommended Covid-19 CDC Guidelines, and use the helpful tips below to stay safe.

  • Find Healthy Ways to Protect & Strengthen Your Immune System.
  • Take Advantage of Free Coronavirus Testing & Vaccination!

(Even if you’re vaccinated, it is a good idea to get tested weekly)

Visit or to schedule a free appointment today.

Visit to schedule a free appointment today.

  • Wear a Mask at all events even if you are fully vaccinated and Practice Social Distancing, even around family & friends. (N95 Masks are Best but 3-Layer Surgical Masks are ok. Be Sure Not to Reuse Disposable Masks Too Much as it Compromises Protection)
  • Use a DJ Fascade as a social distancing barrier and sanitize frequently touched surfaces of your DJ equipment after events.
  • Disinfect frequently touched surfaces in your car and home daily.
  • Do not use others DJ equipment or let anyone use yours unless it’s been properly sanitized before & after every use.
  • Avoid physical contact with people that are sick.
  • Add ‘Covid Clauses’ to your DJ contract to protect you and guests. (face coverings required inside, guests may not approach the DJ area for any reason at any time, partygoers must practice social distancing, etc)
  • Stay prepared with a backup plan to pay your Bills, especially if you are unvaccinated. Many venues are implementing proof of vaccination mandates to enter establishments, which includes the DJ. (Multiple Hustles, Save Money, Invest your Money, etc)
  • Wash/Disinfect your clothes and cloth masks, as well as, clean shoes often.
  • While performing at events, don’t be afraid to remind guests to practice safe Covid-19 prevention habits. (Wear Masks, Social Distance, Use Hand Sanitizer, Wash Hands, Etc)

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