Photo: Serato

Black musicians have shaped American music since its birth as a nation. Our amazing friends at Serato understand the importance of ‘The History of Black Music in America” and are using their platform to help educate and celebrate. The program will take place on Serato’s Twitch and begins on February 3rd at 6pm ET with Part 1: “Slavery to Cilvil Rights.”

You can find the schedule below:

Part 1

Slavery to Civil Rights – Wednesday February, 3rd 6pm ET

Part 2

Civil Rights to Hip Hop – Wednesday February, 10th 6pm ET

Part 3

Hip Hop – Wednesday February, 17th 6pm ET

Part 4

House / Techno w/ Rich Medina – Monday February, 22nd 6pm ET

Part 5

Sampling w/ Rich Medina – Wednesday February, 24th 6pm ET

If you are a DJ, musician or music enthusiast, this is must-see programming. We can move forward until we embrace our past.

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