Have you recently moved some of your music files to a different location on your computer or hard drive and now you can’t access them in your Serato DJ crates? Thankfully, there is a great built in feature available that can help you effectively relocate your music. Always remember that if you change the name/location of a song or re-name a Serato DJ folder, it will result in loss of connection to the music. When this disconnection occurs, you may see some files appearing discolored in your library and get the error message “File Not Found”. This means that the file can’t be accessed so you won’t be able load or play the song.

Check out this example where files have been moved to another folder and Serato DJ can’t find the particular files anymore. If you want to see the location where Serato DJ thinks the files are located, check the “Location” column in the library. If the file isn’t in it’s listed location, it will show as missing in the software”

Note: When using iTunes, if you have missing files from your iTunes library that have been loaded into Serato DJ, you may need to disable then re-enable the option “Show iTunes Library” located under the ‘library + display’ tab. This will allow the files to be relocated correctly. 

See How to “Relocate Lost Files” in Serato DJ Pro Below:

1: Click on the ‘Files’ Tab

2: Select the folder you want Serato DJ to search through. If you’re unsure where the music is located, you can search your entire music folder or similar.  Beware, the larger the folder the more time it takes to scan/search.

3: Drag and Drop the selected folder onto the “Relocate Lost Files” button and Serato DJ will search this folder for your missing music. Your files should be located, as long as, the missing songs are in selected folder & names haven’t been changed.

4: Once the scan/search is complete close the “Files Tab” and your tracks should no longer appear missing.

5: Load your missing tracks and enjoy playing your music!

*If you have any problems while trying to “Relocate Files”, please start a new help request. 

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