Hey DJ’s are you aware that Serato automatically provides us with multiple device drivers for installation once downloaded? In this article you will find out how to install multiple device drivers on the fly without hardware or wifi. In a few simple steps you can install drivers, restart your computer, and take advantage of easy plug & play connectivity with most popular DJ mixers and controllers. It is important that your computer has the latest drivers installed for your connected hardware to avoid issues.

Follow These Simple Steps Below:

  • Open The Finder and Select the ‘Applications Folder’
  • Right-Click on the ‘Serato DJ Pro App’ and Select ‘Open Package Contents’
  • Double-click and Run the necessary drivers of the devices you will be using with your computer.
  • Once installation is complete without errors, You Must Restart Your Computer.
  • Now Launch Serato DJ Pro and you should be good to go.

* If you have any problems updating your drivers, please email support@serato.com or contact your hardware manufacturer.

Note from Serato: “If you want to install other device drivers on a Windows (PC) machine, you will need to connect the appropriate hardware before the driver can be installed”

Note from Serato: “From Serato DJ Pro 2.3.0 and onwards, the following steps are not possible. You will need to connect your hardware, then launch Serato DJ Pro to be prompted to install a bundled driver.”

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