spINFLUENCEit is a Revolutionary Request Management Solution for Professional DJs

Maintain Your Artistry & Focus While Receiving Song Requests

  • Fans send song requests through a free mobile application directly to your favorite DJ Software. (Serato, Traktor, Rekordbox, etc…)
  • Control what songs are available to request and then play or decline requests directly from your DJ software.
  • Fans are notified in the mobile app when you play or decline a song and if you want to message them directly or the entire party.

Build Your Social Media Fan Base While Performing

  • Choose to only permit a song request after your fan has followed you on social media, Instagram, Twitter, etc…
  • Fans are automatically prompted to follow your social media accounts inside the mobile app.
  • Social Media follows are accumulated independently of whether you play, decline or do a live remix of the requested song.

Increase Your Potential to Make More Money at Every Gig

  • Choose to only permit song requests with a minimum $ tip amount.
  • Tips are automatically sent using your fans Venmo, Credit Card or Google/Apple Pay accounts.
  • spINFLUENCEit automatically knows if you play the song request only charging your fans for satisfied requests.

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