Photo: Vinyl Reality

So clubs are closed for the foreseeable feature and live streaming still doesn’t have a secure, user friendly platform that provides the experience both the partygoers and DJs themselves desire. Second waves of COVID-19 are developing in party hot spots such as Miami and LA and many venues that had once reopened, have shut their doors again. People still have an urge to be social and that’s why Zoom’s stock has nearly tripled over the last several months.

There has been an increase in VR products and continued support from PC and Playstation games which indicates that VR is here to stay. It’s only a matter of time before more consumers make the leap to VR for both gaming and social experiences. If you haven’t already had a chance to explore the world of VR, think of it as a second industrial period. There are the initial architects right now building venues and pioneering experiences. One of which is the party experience. There are two very well thought out apps that simulate the DJ experience at a nightclub already available.

Photo: Vinyl Reality

TribeXR is powered by Rekordbox (sister software company to Pioneer) and that is clear from the moment you set your eyes on the beautiful Pioneer inspired DJ club kit. This is the most popular DJ set up found in DJ booths around the world. You have access to any tunes you upload to your VR headset (these are small computers on your face) and can even use Rekordbox to organize your music. This DJ set up is fully functional, from the faders and knobs to the cue and loop buttons. You can even toggle the jog mode switch to go between CDJ and vinyl. Another great feature of TribeXR is their DJ quick start tutorial which walks you through how to use their virtual equipment and provides the new DJ with key fundamentals and feedback from a real DJ mentor. Check out the short first person video below. You can purchase TribeXR for $29.99 USD and use it with any of your VR headsets

Vinyl Reality gives you two simulated Technic 1200’s and a simple 2-channel DJ mixer. Like TribeXR, everything is functional, from the pitch faders to the actual crate of vinyl records. You can use your handset to pick up the record, drop the needle, and scratch the record just as you would in real life. Vinyl Reality allows you to upload any of your digital music collection to your headset for use in the app. There is an incredible low latency response when it comes to using the virtual turntables. I don’t see any virtual DJ battles anytime soon, however this is more than suitable for a virtual party. Check out Double Plus getting down on the virtual 1’s and 2’s in the video below. You can purchase Vinyl Reality for $24.99USD and use it on any VR headset.

Both of these apps are trailblazing what could be the future of DJing. TribeXR and Vinyl Reality support live streaming with TribeXR having integrated Twitch support. There are also features such as “back to back” mode which allow you to virtual DJ with another person anywhere in the world. VR gives people the convenience of being social from the comfort of their homes. You can party with your friends without leaving your bedroom.

It is important to have in person human interaction, but right now it seems like that is causing more problems than anything. Is celebrating a 30th birthday party with your closest friends worth the risk of getting COVID-19? Probably not, so there are alternatives that can allow you to safely experience moments like that together. Let’s party at home for now so we can have a promising future of real events. For the price of two bottles in many major clubs you can grab yourself a VR headset (starting between $450-$500 USD). Let’s be real, it would be very convenient to just have to put on a headset to DJ. What are your thoughts?! Drop a comment.

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