Photo by Caspar Camille Rubin

Since lockdowns started taking over around the world, we’ve seen an exponential rise in Club Quarantines. DJs around the world are doing their best to give people life with live streamed sets, keeping folks dancing from the comfort of their homes. With copyright laws and other layers behind the scene, it has been difficult for DJs to find a home for their live streams.

Facebook/Instagram(owned by Facebook), Youtube and Twitch are arguably the most watched live platforms available around the world. Unfortunately, only the latter was lenient enough to allow uninterrupted DJs sets. Facebook, Instagram and Youtube will take down the stream right there on the spot if their sensors catch wind of songs they don’t think should be played. A DJ may have built up dozens, if not hundreds of viewers and then have to restart the virtual experience from a new empty room. Sure, several viewers will return, but this is like the power going out and you making everyone wait outside all over again at a real party.

Photo: Twitch.Tv Streaming Guidelines

Because of this, DJs have flocked to Twitch in hopes of having a safe haven to perform. Unfortunately that was only a mirage as Twitch has always had a policy against copyright infringement in their guidelines. DJs have reported that Twitch has muted parts of their streams after they have been posted and the grapevine is saying Twitch will soon start taking similar action as the other social streaming platforms.

DJs are constantly running form one platform to the next looking for an official home. Mixcloud has stepped up to the plate which seems to have a promising paid service and PlayDJ.TV is another alternative currently in beta testing. Outside of that look to host your own Zoom parties if you want a worry free stream. Twitch was always intended for the gamers and will continue to support them. As for DJs, time to pack things up and hit the trails to the next streaming stop. Have you performed on a livestream yet? Tell us how it went in the comments

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