TheClub is a free live streaming app designed specifically for the DJ community enabling us to host live-streamed public & private events without hassle. The average professional gamer on Twitch earns between $3,000 to $5,000 each month streaming. Darrel Frater Founder & CEO of TheClub believes that the work DJs do is just as entertaining & extremely important. As DJs in these uncertain times, we are seeing more of a need for a legitimate live streaming platform created particularly for us to monetize our streams. TheClub makes streaming and earning exceptionally easy; Just Live Stream, Earn Tips, Cash Out, & Repeat!

TheClub™ has transformed the way people party and enjoy music online by creating the perfect Virtual Party and Live Stream DJ experience. Download TheClub today and help build a community of DJs earning lucratively online. Text “Party” to 609-201-1027 to get notified when DJs go live on the app. If you have questions about the platform please feel free to contact customer support at or text “DJ” to 609-201-1027 with questions. 

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