There are too many reasons why you shouldn’t purchase a brand new computer when it first comes out. Not to mention a computer with a completely redesigned processing chip. I warned you before to not purchase a Macbook in 2020 and that still holds true. My previous article was tipping you off that the Early Macbook 2020’s would be essentially obsolete in a few years because Apple would be releasing a new processing chip to replace the Intel lineup. Apple indeed did release the next iteration of Macbook Pro and Air this fall with the new Apple Silicon M1 chip and all.

Apparently the new M1 machines are much faster and perform more efficiently than their intel counterparts at the same price points. This would sound great for creatives that use CPU and GPU intensive programs. Unfortunately, Apple missed the target by only giving their new machines 2 freaking thunderbolt ports! That is beyond limiting for creatives that use peripherals to connect to their devices. You will be forced into purchasing a Thunderbolt 3 Dock.

The new Macs come equipped with Big Sur, the latest Mac OS. This is currently not compatible with Serato and many other creative softwares. Most DJ experts recommend against upgrading just the software so upgrading your entire machine can probably wait.

The battery life is supposed to be the longest ever but at time this article was written, there are not many performance benchmarks for programs such as Ableton, Logic, Premiere or many of the other popular creative programs. If you are a creative, get the Mac Mini M1 If you absolutely need a new Mac. There are enough ports to get you by and honestly, if you are in the US you probably aren’t going many places so a small desktop is not a bad idea. Apple will release a better version of their M1 Mac lineup, I would wait for that.

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